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Kanako Kitabayashi

1990  Born in Tokyo, Japan
2016  B.F.A. in Ceramic Art, Department of Crafts, Tama Art University
2018  M.F.A. in Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts


[ Solo Exhibitions ]

2017  "Can see / Can't See"  DiEGO Omotesando / Tokyo
     "Kanako Kitabayashi Solo Exhibiton" Raus stenkärlsfabrik och konsthall / Helsingborg, Sweden
2018  "CRITERIUM 94 Kanako Kitabayashi" Gallery 9, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito / Ibaraki
2019  "urn"  DiEGO Omotesando / Tokyo
2020  "Sympathizing and Interacting​"  MARUEIDO JAPAN / Tokyo

2022  "mora" DiEGO Omotesando / Tokyo

2023  "I'm looking through the eyelids, or in deep inside the eyelids..."  MONO.LOGUES / Tokyo

[ Selected Group Exhibitions ]
2012  "I don't want to be seen" Art Space Bar Buena / Tokyo
2013  "Exhibition of Next Craft" Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art / Kyoto
2014  "Mixed" Tama Art University / Tokyo
     "hheli" itotote. / Tokyo
2016  "Graduation Works Exhibition -En-" Aoyama Spiral Garden / Tokyo
     "Graduation Works Exhibition" Tama Art University / Tokyo
2017  "Rêver 2074" The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts / Tokyo
2018  "Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibitions" Tokyo University of the Arts / Tokyo
             "Yoshio Nakajima og Kanako Kitabayashi" Galleri ​Juel Verland Art / Holbæk, Denmark
     "KYOTO NIPPON FESTIVAL" Kitano Tenmangu Shrine  / Kyoto
2019  ”HERE WE ARE" Kanzan Gallery / Tokyo
     "Count the Waves: Visualizing Invisibility" Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo University of the Arts / Tokyo

     9th Exhibition AGAIN-ST "BREAK/BREAKER Whereabouts of Chute Sculptures” Musashino Art University /Tokyo
    "Kiiro with Kanako Kitabayashi" EMON PHOTO GALLERY / Tokyo
2021       Outology vol.2 "greenery efficacy" WALLA / Tokyo

2022  "Inclusive site: Expression in Ceramics Today" Chiba City Museum of Art / Chiba


     "The Eyes of the Skin" MARUEIDO JAPAN / Tokyo


[ Art fairs ]

​2017       "Affordable Art Fair 2017" Nacka Strandsmässan / Stockholm, Sweden
      "FIAC2017" Grand Palais / Paris, France​

[ Awards ]

2013  Selected artist / "Exhibition of Next Craft" 
2017  Grand prize, "Rêver 2074" Award
2018      Prize, Mayor of Taito city Incentive Award
     Selected artist / "Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2018" 

[ Artist in residence ]

2017.09~10  Yoshio Nakajima Art Center & Raus stoneware factory / Helsingborg, Sweden

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